Angel, Poppy, And Lina: An Exciting And Fun Slumber Party

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Scene Title: Naughty Slumber Party: Power Outage!

Description: Angel Emily, Poppy Pleasure, and Lina Mercury are having the time of their life, giving themselves makeovers in front of the mirror. Who looks the prettiest? It’s tough to tell, but it sure looks like a tie since the girls can’t even keep their eyes off each other.

But a dark cloud outside threatens to rain on their parade and ruin their slumber party! Flashes of light and thunderous roars make the girls jump into each other’s arms. As they quiver with fear, huddled together in a sea of blankets and pillows, things only go from bad to worse.

And who turned off the lights??

The friends turn to each other for comfort, feeling less afraid and more frisky by the minute as they snuggle up close. What better way is there to ride out the storm than to ride each other?

Angel, Poppy, and Lina forget all about their fear as they play with each other instead. They can’t keep their hands off each other in the dark… Who is breathing against Angel’s neck? Who is copping a feel of Poppy’s perky breasts? And just WHO is burying their face in Lina’s pussy??

When the power comes back on, instead of calling it quits, they break out some toys to spice things up. Could this possibly be the best slumber party ever?